Deadly Light

CD release show

On September 30th we'll be ripping it up at The Funhouse and releasing our new CD into the wild. Electro-doomers Dark Matter Noise will also be on the bill along with The Gallow Swing and Medula Pinata. This show will R_O_C_K.

$5 21+

Posted September 10th, 2011

"No Gods Within the City" officially released!

We are amped! Our new CD is now available online. Download it for mere pence at iTunes, Amazon or Napster!

The five songs on the album form a story about rejecting the useless authority figures in your life, and what happens when you put yourself in their position. Download it and play it loud!

Posted August 10th, 2011

Download "Phantom" for free!

Here's a taste of the material off our upcoming album "No Gods Within the City."
Download track 4 "Phantom" for free (right click, save as), or stream it right here!

No Gods Within the City cover art by Seth Broman

The new album is called "No Gods Within the City," and Seattle artist Seth Broman hooked us up with some killer cover art. Check out more of his amazing designs at

Posted May 14th, 2011

Update on new album, swag

We're getting really close to finishing our new EP. Rob just has to lay a couple more vocal tracks, then we gotta add a couple instrumental things, mix, master, and press. Seth Broman, the amazing artist who produced the Six Walls artwork, will also be doing the artwork for the new disc. AWESOME. Also, we're getting T-shirts made, and we hope to have them by our next gig on April 29th at The Mirkwood. We'll also have some shweet DL stickers, and if recording goes well, some pre-release demos. In short, start saving your dough, because DL is about to deploy some serious product.

Posted March 30th, 2011

Welcome, Rob Ropkins

We'd like to introduce our new singer: ROB ROPKINS, formerly of Beat Senseless and North American Bison. He brings a killer, punk-influenced vocal style to the mix and we're very excited to have him on board! Rob's been coming up to speed on the old tunes and is already contributing material for our upcoming EP. Stay tuned.

Posted October 7th, 2010

So long, Dave!

We'd like to thank Dave Vitello, our singer and long time friend, for all of his hard work, dedication, and brilliant, inspirational musicianship. He is moving on to new frontiers, and we wish him all the best. He will be greatly missed... In the meantime, we're preparing to record our next album, and auditioning for a new singer - stay tuned for more from DEADLY LIGHT!

Posted July 28th, 2010

Deadly Light interview on Precious Metal

Nate DeMontigny of the Precious Metal blog recently interviewed us for his review of "Six Walls". Read it and learn more about the band's origins and the inspiration for our songs. Many thanks to Nate for setting up and posting the interview.

Posted June 6th, 2010

Shambala Sun reviews Deadly Light

Check out Shambala Sun's piece on us that came out today. It's part of an ongoing column called "What is the sound of the next generation of Buddhist music?" Many thanks to Rod Meade Sperry for giving us some exposure!

Posted May 18th, 2010